Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Hallo students. Here's a blog where we can communicate. Please join and share.

Thank you



Anthony said...

Hello, brave one this!

makwena said...

Good work:-)

Ceanlia said...

Hallo to you all. So, we're working on TRD2 and TL6 3. My side is hectic. School is starting on Monday. I have essays to mark. A control test to set and assignments to complete. What shall I do 1st? I'll do the test preparations. Then mark essays. In between I'm cooking lunch. I used to NOT like cooking, but my new mantra is that I Love cooking. (Fake it till you make it?!)...
Chat soon again.
Drop a line sharing what you doing on this Friday the 15 July 2011.

makwena said...

Hi Ceanlia I see your dealing with something to do with Enviroment.I am doing a research on my Specializatiom Module,I'm thinking of my topic based on Can green schools affect learning in children.What do you think? Can that be an issue of inquiry?

Ceanlia said...

What's your take on the "drill and kill" approach for learners?
How do we keep creativity in your lessons while also preparing learners for control tests?
I used to spend weeks with my learners preparing them for the upcoming tests . . . Then one day I found that they are bored.
This was a problem. One day I began engaging them with more creative, hands-on lessons --- and got much better results in the end.
I used to spend time on test prep because I felt pressured to do it. But I think it's kind of a waste of time. The learners get bored and don't take it
seriously and it defeats the purpose.
test scores is
High test scores are certainly important. But I also think it's crucial to ask ourself these questions:

Has the scale lifted so far in one direction that it no longer makes sense?

Is this really good for my learners?

Who knows about teaching kids better: a politician, parents, or me?
What is the motivation for this new plan? Is it so that the school look better to the education department? Is it
for parents to get a quick analysis of their child's performance without ever spending a day at the school, talking to teachers, or experiencing the school's
climate for themselves? Of course we want --- and need --- our kids to do better on standardised tests, no

But as you can probably tell, I'm not a big supporter of the "drill and kill" approach.

What do YOU think?

Give me your thoughts by posting your opinion on this blog.

Ceanlia said...

Dear Makwena

I think it's a awesome idea!!!
Go 4 it. I know you'll have many inputs from the 'green' people!
I support you 100%